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Guesting on Podcasts!

Since Under Fortunate Stars came out, I’ve been lucky enough to guest on some fantastic podcasts to chat about the book, my writing process, time travel & more!

Functional Nerds A podcast from author/blogger Patrick Hester and author/teacher Tracy Townsend focusing on science fiction and fantasy media.

Coffee In Space Hosted by S. Daniel Smith, featuring conversations with authors about the sci-fi characters we love, and the journeys they take.

Writing About Dragons & Shit A podcast about writing with a focus on fantasy and sci-fi, hosted by B Dave Walters, Erin M. Evans, and Treavor Bettis.

Check out these episodes if fun, nerdy chats are your jam, & dive into the back catalogues of these fabulous podcasts for lots of creative guests & topics!🚀

More coming up... 👀


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