DEBUT Coming from Solaris in May 2022


When an encounter with a time anomaly sends a scientific research vessel 152 years into the past, the outcome of a long-ago interstellar war and the ensuing peaceful alliance hangs in the balance. But after the science crew rescues a small, ramshackle hauler with some of their historical heroes on board, they discover that some of those people seem to have made very different life choices.


The two mismatched crews, including a scheming con artist, a cynical mathematics professor, a history-obsessed engineer and a disgruntled corporate administrator, suddenly hold the fate of humanity in their hands. But some of them have dark secrets of their own to protect, and getting them all to cooperate might be the most difficult part when it comes to saving the future.


Publisher Announcement:
Solaris to publish thrilling time-slip space opera by Ren Hutchings