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An Unbreakable World (Solaris Books)

Coming Spring 2025

A new space opera from Ren Hutchings set in the same universe as Under Fortunate Stars, 30 years before the voyage of the Jonah. 

Acquisition Announcement

Page is a nobody, surviving as a petty thief on a backwater outpost, barely keeping ahead of her debts. The distant alien war is surprisingly low on her list of worries. With her memories fractured after using an experimental form of stasis, Page spends her days pretending that she has a glorious past. But when she gets kidnapped by one of her marks, she’s dragged into a future far stranger than she could have imagined.

Maelle has spent years serving a murderous bounty hunter, all the while harbouring secrets about her own vengeful motivations. But her quest for revenge veers off course when she starts to fall for their latest bounty, the girl with broken memories who might just mend her heart. And the stakes get higher than either of them bargained for when they inadvertently get involved in a centuries-long political intrigue that could change the fate of the galaxy.

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