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Under Fortunate Stars ARC Unwrapping

A box of my ARCs arrived from my publisher's office this week, and I filmed the long-awaited "unboxing" video! (Minus the ritual stabbing with poorly-handled scissors. That part happened off-camera.)

Video transcript: Hey! I'm here filming this video to mark a little publishing/writerly milestone, as you do, and... yeah. It has been a strange year. Not the greatest year, for a lot of us. And I think that's why it's more important then ever to really hold on to our moments of joy, and celebration, and excitement and try to share those things with one another. So I'm going to do that.

However, I will be skipping the tearing into the cardboard box and the traditional "nearly stabbing myself with a sharp implement on camera" part of this, and instead I decided that I would wrap some of these up as a gift. Because it is. This is a gift to my younger self, to my past self who worked so hard to get here, to be here today, and it's also a gift for you. The readers, past, and present and future. Everybody who is going to find something in these pages, whether that's a moment of escape, or some entertainment, or maybe inspiration to write your own story. So...yeah. This is yours, and mine, and... let's take a look!

There it is! That's my ARC of Under Fortunate Stars. You can see the spine here, the little ship there -- my favorite detail. And there's the back. And...yeah! Here's all my words!


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